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Nest produces SWISS MADE furniture for their apartments.

At the heart of our company lies a commitment to excellence and sustainability. Proudly labeled "Made in Switzerland," we have embarked on a mission to revolutionize the hospitality sector's furniture landscape. Our goal is simple yet profound: to provide impeccable, durable, and sustainable furniture solutions that not only meet the demands of frequent guest turnover but also contribute to a circular economy and minimize waste. 

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Materialized KPIs

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Tailoring Spaces, Enhancing Experiences

We recognize that no two apartments are alike, and customization is key to elevating guest experiences. Our design team works closely with hospitality partners to understand individual apartment layouts and needs. This collaborative approach ensures that each piece of furniture seamlessly integrates into the space, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

In a world where quality, sustainability, and innovation intersect, our Swiss-made furniture stands as a testament to the possibilities of a brighter, greener future for the hospitality industry. Join us in redefining hospitality, one thoughtfully crafted piece at a time.

Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Efficiency

In our pursuit of sustainability, waste reduction is a cornerstone. We have embraced the principles of circular economy, ensuring that at the end of a product's lifecycle, it is repurposed, recycled, or transformed into new creations. By embracing this approach, we not only contribute to a greener future but also foster a mindset shift towards responsible consumption and production.

Trimming Costs, Maximizing Value

We understand the challenges of cost management in the hospitality industry. Our furniture solutions not only exemplify excellence but also offer a strategic advantage in cost reduction. By investing in furniture that lasts, you save on frequent replacements, maintenance, and downtime. We believe in long-term value, where every piece becomes an asset that stands the test of time.

Streamlining Logistics for a Greener Tomorrow

Shipping and packaging contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of many industries. We are committed to reducing this impact. Through innovative packaging solutions and optimized shipping methods, we aim to minimize waste while maintaining the highest standards of product protection. Our goal is clear: to provide the best while being kind to the planet.

Sustainability Beyond Boundaries

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials and design of our furniture. We're dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of every aspect of our operation. From sourcing sustainable materials to efficient production processes, we're making conscious choices to minimize our carbon footprint. But our ambitions don't stop there.

Durability that Defies Time: The Hospitality Industry's Best Companion

Hospitality demands a unique level of resilience, as the furniture endures the wear and tear of countless guest arrivals and departures. Our meticulously crafted pieces are designed to withstand this relentless cycle, promising longevity without compromising on style or comfort. Each item is a testament to our dedication to quality, embodying the spirit of Swiss craftsmanship known the world over.

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